Hey Guy's,  I offer 30-90 minute Rub Down Sessions or longer if you like.
I'm open to all styles of sessions, Basic Swedish , Full Body, Therapeutic - Sensual, etc. But it's all up to you. 50% off 2nd Visit ,Just come give me a try. Thanks, Jay

Donations most offer Kinda breaks down like this.... But not set in stone.... as everything in life the more you spend the more you get so do ya like Volkswagon's or Cadillac's ?  
The clock never starts till I do, so you will enjoy a full session

$40.-50. for 30 min.--------  Basic Swedish only 40. can up grade ... 30 min. is normally 50.-60.00

$60.-100. for an hour------- Basic 60., Full Body 80. or the works 100. this includes Trantra or any style you like  ....   an hour is normally 75.-120.00 
$100.-120. for 90 min. ... Basic to Full Body or the works. I have lowered my rates since moving back to Memphis but their still worth it....LOL 

All sessions are non-rushed and you will get the full time frame you requested.. if your looking for longer sessions just inquire in advance since  I only leave a 15 min. window in back to back sessions, thanks.

Basic Massage Session - are more like what you get in a Massage Parlor but more relaxed. draping style of session is all up to you.. Light to deep tissue Swedish, stretching sports style etc.

Full Body Session - are basic & unconventional designed more to the clients needs they can be light sensual to Deep tissue with Tantra a combination to fit your needs etc. it's up to you...

Sensual Sessions - are for those that want something different ,, you can watch Vids/DVDS, enjoy a light sensual touch, Tantra is a light sensual touch  like someone being passionate with your body this heightens your sensuality etc., a light feather touch or soothing touch like having lotions or oils rubbed on you at the beach etc. I could say more but this is a paid for hosted site ... you just need to come relax and enjoy one. Poppers and Toys available.

Sessions are all about you....and how well I can make you feel .....at anytime during a session you can say I would like more attention or pressure to certain areas etc. 


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